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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  July 19, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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i could do. i'm not a paramedic or anything. >> five people were hurt, three of them children. all rescued by dc fire and ems paramedics. >> some of the injuries were pretty serious. everyone was calm and they were treated and taken to the hospital pretty efficiently. >> tree is a white oak. arborists estimated at a century old. it gave way with no wind, no storm, no warning whatsoever. >> you would associate something like this on a windy day, but it doesn't seem to be any kind of weather condition, other than it's hot and these folks were enjoying the shade of this large oak tree. >> i saw my friends down. my camp leader was hurt. it was scary. >> so griffin park is maintained by the department of parks and recreation. they are in charge of the tree. the friends of the park, an organization has been here. they said as far as they could
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tell, the trees have been trimmed. they are in good shape. it is a complete mystery why this limb decided to give way, in fact as you look up, you really don't see any rot or obvious reason why it let loose. but in the end, it hurt five people and they are all still in the hospital tonight. we don't know their conditions. reporting live from griffin park, scott broom, 9news now. >> scott, thanks for that. well still out there right now, but the high heat and humidity causing thunderstorms to pop up in parts of our area tonight. andy hong in for topper and she's in the weather center with the very latest. anny. >> we are looking at storms going through the area. the worst of them are towards the ocean and ocean city where some of the severe thunderstorms have been activated. intense counties, we have a flash flood warning until 7:15 and sussex, delaware, a thunderstorm warning until 6:15. and a thunderstorm warning until 5:15. that's the worst of it. let's show you what's happening in our immediate area where we
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have some cells going through north of the district. i'll zoom in on here and as for the bay in annapolis, where we got cells coming through. these storms are not severe, but some of the storms may be capable of producing damaging winds and pretty good heavy rain fall just south of gaithersburg, north of bethesda, we're looking at showers and some storms going through, even towards annapolis. the ones toward the bay are heading further toward the eastern shore. those are heading to the east, but south of gaithersburg, this storm system moving toward the south. i also want to show you some of the temperatures where we did see some lightning go through with these storms. so we have a chance for storms through tonight as well. let's get to temperatures right now. temperatures in the mid 90s in downtown. 91 for manassas and the 91 degrees in winchester. you factor in the humidity. this is what it feels like. it's ugly out there. 100s in a lot of locations. heat advisory and heat watch in
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effect for thursday. for thursday you can see it does include most of the dc area. more on this heat wave coming up a little later. back to you. >> thanks for keeping us posted and most of the country is suffering through the intense heat headed our way. extreme temperatures caused a road to literally buckle in clive, iowa. drivers had to take care to avoid the concrete and part of a sewer grate that got pushed through the roadway. in nearby, newton, it feels like 126 degrees and the heat index shot up to 120 in parts of minnesota and south dakota. a sexual assault in fairfax county on the wife and children of an afghan man who was away helping american troops. >> he brought his family here to keep them safe, now he has no idea what to do. the attacker on lewis chapel circle is on the loose and he may have tried to break into the homes of other women who were home alone with their kids. bruce leshan reports the family is so terrified, they are spending nights away from their
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own apartment. >> i work. >> the victim's husband thought his family was safe in their quiet apartment near lorton, but while he was away training american troops and his wife and four children were sleeping, an armed man broke through their back window and attacked. >> otherwise he will kill them? >> yes. >> as he sexually assaulted the woman, he threatened to kill her young son. the children screamed. a neighbor heard the terror in their voices and called police and the man ran off and escaped. >> it is unbelievable. unbelievable. i brought my family here to be safe from my country. to be safe here. >> the attack happened early saturday. a neighbor suspects the same man tried to break into her home late sunday night. and other neighbors report a suspicious man peering through
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their windows. but while police have stepped up patrols and have working hard to catch the guy, they have only alerted the general public about the case now. >> so this happened on saturday? the public isn't finding out about it until tuesday. wouldn't the public have been better served to know about this right when it happened? >> we are releasing the information today? >> you can't address the information about public safety? >> the victim has not slept since she was attacked. her toddler is terrified to come home. >> when she saw this area now she starts crying, no home. no home. she is fearful. >> the victim's husband plans to move his family back to afghanistan. he thinks they may be safer there. bruce leshan, 9news now. coming up at 6:00, we're going to hear from the woman who was awakened the next night by a man trying to breakthrough
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her bedroom window. lesli. we have an update to a story we first brought you in march. curt brooks was headed home from work one night when he appeared a drunken driver on i- 95. so curt did what he does best, he videotaped it. andrea mckaren was in stafford county court where all of this played out with finality today. >> yes, it did. one of our colleagues part of a news story. it turned out his video tape proved critical to the conviction. >> okay, he is about ready to head on collision. oh my god. >> the video is heart stopping and in a courtroom today, a judge watched the tape showing the alleged driver nearly causing a head on collision. >> he almost did. >> it was very compelling. it was clear that this is not just somebody weaving down the road. he almost killed somebody. >> curt brooks had followed the driver more than 25 miles
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and led police to their suspect. with his dash board camera rolling, curt captured the near head on collision and the suspect nearly running him off the road. we sped up the video so you can see what the judge saw. the driver straddling the center line and swerving on to the shoulder. >> they looked at the initial near collision where he nearly ran me into the guardrail and i slammed on my brakes. >> defendant, 57-year-old cho key lee was in court with his daughter. through a koreaen translator, he pleaded guilty to the offense. police say he registered a blood alcohol content of .14. nearly twice the legal limit. >> to provide evidence of a crime is rare. that was a good thing to do. >> the judge sentenced lee to a 60 day jail sentence with all but five days suspended. he was fined $300 and will have his license suspended for a year with the exception of driving for work. lee delivers beauty supplies for a living. >> the commonwealth attorney
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personally thanked curt and said that if it were not for his video tape, it is very unlikely the defendant would have received jail time. >> we say timing is everything and this appears to have been the case. mr. lee, is he considering an appeal at all? >> that's an interesting side note to the story, lesli, and yes he is considering an appeal. it turns out he is a legal resident, but he is right now in the process of applying for u.s. citizenship. of course his lawyer is concerned about the impact this conviction and jail sentence will have on his immigration status. >> wow, thanks for that update, andrea. anita. : the highest executives at news corps were in the hot seat today testifying before the british parliament. they fought off intense questioning by lawmakers as well as an actual physical attack by a protester. charlie is working the story from london. >> dozens of cameras swarmed
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rupert murdoch's range rover as he arrived at hearings. their testimony came to a halt when a man lunged at murdoch with a plate of foam. murdoch's wife slapped him away before police moved in. earlier, murdoch testified he had no knowledge of the alleged hacking at the news of the world, specifics employees who broke into voice mails of a murdered girl. >> i was absolutely shocked, appalled, and ashamed when i heard about that. >> what happened at the news of the world was wrong. we and i have apologized for that. >> rupert murdoch briefly addressed the fbi investigation into possible 9/11 hacking victims. >> we have seen no evidence of that at all and as far as we know, the fbi -- >> murdoch said he is ultimately not responsible for the hacking scandal, even though he is chief executive. he blamed individuals at the
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paper who deceived their superiors. lawmakers grilled the former editor of the news of the world, rebecca brooks, who was arrested on bribery allegations. >> i can say that i have never paid a policeman myself. i have never sanctioned or knowingly sanctioned a payment to a police officer. >> a separate committee questioned london's former police chief and the department's assistant commissioner about allegations police were paid for inside information. the former chief testified 10 press officers in his department used to work for the news of the world. charlie dagata, cbs news, london. >> quite a day. james says one lesson that came from this scandal is news organizations need to be more careful in considering their ethics. >> the house of representatives is set to vote on a tea party plan to break the budget stalemate. the cut cap and balance proposal increases the debt limit in exchange for billions of dollars in spending cuts and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal
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budget. the bill has a slim chance of passing in the senate and president obama says he will veto the measure if it does in fact reach his desk. those comments not sitting too well with the republicans. >> and the president has shown he is not serious about addressing the problem of out of control spending. >> the problem we have now is we're in the 11th hour and we don't have a lot more time left. >> now the president may have a new option, the so-called gang of six democratic and republican senators have reached an agreement to cut the deficit by more than $4 trillion in the next ten years. that would be done through some tax increases and cuts to entitlement programs like medicare and medicaid. traffic is moving again on colesville road in silver spring tonight, but it was a nightmare commute this morning. a crash involving a police cruiser shut down that roadway for nearly 12 hours. it happened around midnight near slago creek parkway. investigators say a montgomery county police officer was driving south on colesville road when suddenly the crews
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across the median and collided with a car in the northbound lane. that officer and two people inside the car suffered some nonlife threatening injuries. the cause is still under investigation and coming up at 6:00, we ask police why it took so long to reopen that road. thousands of montgomery county teenagers are banding together to stop a curfew proposal from taking effect. that calls for an 11:00 p.m. curfew on we can nights and midnight on weekends. a facebook page has 4,000 fans and many teenage critics are expected to speak out next tuesday. the county council still must vote on the plan. it's happened again, coming up, an air traffic controller is removed from the tower. this time for allegedly being drunk on the job. >> how honest are you? would you pay for a bottle of ice tea if no one was looking? well that is if you thought no one was looking. results of a hidden camera
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surveillance video captures unsuspecting and thirsty washingtonens to find out if d.c. is honest. the makers of honest tea set up an unmanned booth that you see right there and a hidden camera in dupont circle. that's where delia joins us live. so delia, how honest are we? >> reporter: you may be surprised. we are extremely honest here in the city of d.c. you know, this is the second year that honest tea, a bethesda based company conducted these social experiments. last year they tested out eight cities, this year 12 cities and guess what? d.c. maintained its ranking so far as the number 2 most honest city in america. setting up a juice stand on a
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steamy summer day, that's marketing for you. >> it's perfect. make people thirsty. >> company reps with honest tea set up a surveillance camera with video streaming live online to catch people in the acts. >> are they going to pay? are they going to steal? >> while some snatched or walked or ran away, yes, those were men dressed as ninjas, others paid a dollar for the drink. >> it eats at you after a while. >> it depends on who is watching usually. people have money, they will usually leave a dollar. >> a pure is real time -- >> we stop by honest tea's nerve center a block away. 12 monitors showing booths in new york, seattle, miami, boston, and l.a. >> the 12 cities across the country and we are tracking their honesty. >> which city is most honest? so far boston, like last year is number one. the least honest, l.a. again. >> surprised about l.a.?
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>> no. no, because i worked in the city and it's really hard. they don't have any money. >> and d.c. is a respectful and honest too. >> you have all kinds of police and people watching all the time and everyone is nervous about everything. >> that's what forces you to be honest? >> it's the wrong city to do wrong in, because too many people watching you. >> enjoy your stay. >> one of the most honest cities in america. >> we had fun with this story. one of the most honest cities and i think one of the prettiest cities in america as well. get this, this is pretty interesting. the company is teaming up with researchers at harvard business school. they are going to analyze video they are going to capture. take a look at their body movements and try to determine why we do what we do. >> very interesting. i like the half and half combo if you see it out there. but be honest. >> we tried it. >> but be honest, don't take
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it. stick a little something in there. see you. >> well, a d.c. businessman is under arrest tonight accused of being a spy for pakistan. the suspect is fi. he lives in fairfax and works in the district. the justice department says he took money from pakistan's spy agency and conspired to cover up the true nature of his work. search warrants were executed this morning at both the suspect's home and at his office. now to a scary story out of denver where an air traffic controller is accused of working and talking to the pirates in the air while he was legally drunk. >> and with traffic controllers already under fire for a series of lapses on the job, this one only brings more scrutiny. derek mcginty is here to fill us in on all the details. >> we remember the controller who's fell asleep while they were working the overnight shift, this could be far worse than that. ficials removed a controller in denver who may have been impaired while on the job. after he failed a drug and alcohol test, they sent him home.
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now it happened midway through his shift on july 5. when this particular worker was selected for a random test and then yanked from duty when the results came back positive. he was directing live air traffic at the time, but there were no reported problems or incidents with the airplanes he was directing. the denver control center is responsible for conducting traffic over nearly 300,000 square miles. over nine states and the faa released a statement calling the whole incident deeply troubling. now so far this year at least nine air traffic controllers have been investigated for various transgressions, including one at reagan national who was suspended for sleeping on the job back in march. >> hey guys. outside in the heat. >> hey. >> lesli and i -- bad hair day. >> we can't really complain, because later this week this will feel like a breeze maybe? >> this is going to feel cool, because we have century digit marks. 100 degrees in that seven-day forecast.
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>> i thought you were talking about the dew point. it's going to be sticky. >> it's still sticky now, can you feel it? it's really heavy out here. i'm going to move my hair, i think it's giving me problems with the microphone. here's a look at live doppler hd. we have storms out in the ocean and toward the beltway, too. nothing severe now. we had some severe storms go through in kent county, delaware, and looks like those storms now have lost its punch. they are dropping in good rain around the d.c. metro area, we are looking at some storms, some good cells, but nothing too severe. we zoom on in here to bethesda, maybe some showers here and waldorf and the bay. those are good amounts of rain fall, but nothing too severe expected. all right, here's a look at the current conditions right now. around downtown, it's hot, 96
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degrees. leesburg in the lower 90s. it's sticky. gaithersburg in the upper 70s, that's really sticky. culpeper 73. around downtown in the lower 70s. all right, so let's compare these dew points and give you an idea what these dew points mean. we are in that tropical humidity territory. amazon jungle points are usually in the 80s right now. 70s and 80s right now, so it feels sticky out there. the highest dew points are in the gulf of mexico and the upper mississippi valley. so it is muggy and we're dealing with this for the next few more days. the heat wave is on. isolated storms are possible tonight. some could be severe. hot and humid again on wednesday. then an excessive heat watch on thursday and it stays crazy hot through the weekend. heat alert is on for thursday. this is a heat index value at 105 to 110 are expected. here's a welcome at the future cast. you can see storms go through tonight after sunset, things should start to die down as far
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as that severe threat. tomorrow morning, maybe some spotty showers and through the afternoon as well and out in the mountains we could see some pop up storms as well later tomorrow afternoon. so for tonight, what can you expect? mostly cloudy and muggy scattered storms. some could be heavy or severe. overnight lows, warm, upper 70s in downtown. 73 in culpeper and 71 degrees in fredericksburg. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and muggy. air quality is code orange. and then tomorrow afternoon, not as wet for some locations. partly to mostly sunny, hot and muggy. isolated storms are possible. temperatures tomorrow pushing near mid 90s once again. here's your seven-day outlook. all right, sot heat really on for thursday and friday. look at friday. 103, even on saturday, 102. sunday 99 and each day we have a threat for some isolated storms through the next seven days. tuesday maybe we'll get down into the upper 80s. so take it easy these next few days.
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>> all the kids in camp, they are not kidding. extra water. if you feel exerted, time to sit down. >> thanks. well up next, the space shuttle undocks from the international space station for the first time. we'll show you these out of this world images. dry mouth is uncomfortable.
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it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. this morning the space shuttle atlantis pushed away from the international space station one last time. atlantis commander said, farewell, make us proud as his spaceship undocked. atlantis left behind a year's worth of supplies and a shuttle model and an american flag. that flag flew on the first shuttle mission in 1981. atlantis is due back on earth this thursday. >> sharing their stories about the carmageddon that failed to materialize. freeway 405 was shut down.
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there were predictions of massive gridlocks to follow, didn't happen. a grown up of friends scrambled out on the freeway for a picnic until they received a warning. >> said listen, i'm not going to stop you, but if the chp catches you, and he asked if we had any eggs for him and drove off. >> shortly after that attempted freeway picnic, the first car was allowed on the freeway sunday and the driver says he was surprised when police motioned him on to the roadway. he says it felt surreal to travel it alone. >> i bet. michael vick is taking his antidog fighting message to congress. the philadelphia quarterback is supporting a house bill that would prohibit attendance at organized animal fights. vick appeared today with officials of the humane society and one of the measure sponsors, virginia democrat, jim moran. >> i think it's up to the parents to take responsibility in making sure that it doesn't happen and if it does, they are held accountable and responsible and that's why i think the laws are changing.
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it will be beneficial across the world and you know, i think it's time to make that change. >> vick served 18 months in prison on dog fighting charges and he says he now wants to teach kids not to repeat his mistakes. coming up next new at 5:30. >> we're on our way to rescue a couple people stuck in an elevator. it happens more than you could imagine. i'm lindsey mastis in northwest washington, that story is coming up.
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new at 5:30, did you know that every day firefighters are called to rescue more than a dozen people from stuck elevators in d.c.? >> we didn't until we saw this tweet from d.c. fire and ems today. it reads, chances are somebody will get stuck in an elevator today. if so, stay calm, call for help. d.c. fire and ems will get you out. we do this more than 12 times a day. so we sent reporter lindsey mastis to check this all out. >> it happens every single day. >> weekends, weekdays, holidays, you name it. >> people get stuck all over the city in elevators. >> sometimes they get stuck between floors. >> we know a couple people are stuck in an elevator, we don't know why it happened. this isn't the first time firefighters get called to this building. >> elevators are old. >> firefighters turn off the power so the elevator doesn't start moving again.
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then they unlock the door and force it open. >> thank you. >> inside are two men, including henry, this is his second time getting stuck in the elevator this summer. >> we started down, then the elevator went back up and came back down. >> unfortunately, calls like this keep firefighters from more pressing emergencies. >> we've had situations where we are on an elevator call for an extended period of time and another emergency comes out, a fire or a car crash with victims trapped. >> when it gets hot, it happens even more. >> hot days, everybody is using the elevator versus the stairs. it gets busier. >> this was an easy rescue for firefighters, but other times they have to use ladders. if you get stuck, they say the best advice is to wait, don't try to get out yourself. >> we've had it happen in the city where people have fallen inbetween the elevator car and going down the shaft. >> in washington, i'm lindsey
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mastis, 9news now. >> if you are in an elevator during a fire, know that modern day elevators are usually programmed to go right down to the ground floor and open. firefighters say if the elevators are not open on the ground level when they get there, they will check to make sure no one is trapped. all routes are open hours after a water main break caused big problems in the area. sky 9 shot this view where the water was shut off to as many as 25 businesses. because of the break on this excessively hot day. it happened this morning around maple avenue between nuttily street and james madison drive. part of maple avenue was shut down for hours. repair crews on the scene throughout the day. heat and humidity not only drains your energy, it also puts a lot of stress on your car. and aaa says it has seen a 32 account increase in heat related service calls. earlier i talked with the auto club's john town send about what we need to do to keep our
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cars running in a heat wave. >> okay john, we put this thermometer in a car more than a half hour ago. that is enough to cripple a car. >> push your car into a danger zone. and your passengers, too. >> so here's what you need to know before you hit the road in oppressive heat. start with where the rubber hits the road. >> need a tire gauge and you need to check the tread level. if they aren't properly inflated, you could have a blowout at a high level of speed and that's potentially dangerous. >> next, go under the hood for a look at what's going on inside your car. >> you need to check your oil level, your antifreeze level, and also the window washer level. >> and while you're there, give those belts and hoses a glance. >> the hoses and the belts are subject to break. if that happens, the hoses break, the belts break, then the engine can overheat and you have a major repair bill
5:35 pm
between $3,000 to $5,000. >> finally, give your electrical system some attention. the last thing you want on a soultry day is failure. >> not only are you stuck on the side of the road, you are stuck in a hot car. no one should endure this week. >> triple-a says follow this emergency roadside plan just in case your car congresses out in this heat. you want to make sure you turn your car's flashers on and pull off the roadway. also really keep an eye on your location to expedite the help that is on the way. you want to pay attention to mile markers and signs and if you don't have road assistance and get stranded, you can call pound 77 for help in maryland and virginia or 311 in the district. also in tonight's consumer alert, rear end crashes can tie up traffic and cause damage,
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but there are some encouraging results from the first real world test to prevent car crashes. you're looking at volvo's city safety system. it engages the brakes when you are within 19 miles per hour within hitting a car in front of you. gives this kind of technology high marks. apparently it comes standard on many models and is reportedly led to fewer. the guardian angels were out patrolling the trail following a series of armed robberies. that trail runs from union station to silver spring. the latest robbery happened yesterday morning around 8th and edgewood. the gunman stole two cell phones and a wallet from a man on the trail. the guardian angels planned to be out there tomorrow and thursday. washington's up and coming corridor is getting a new supermarket and an apartment complex. today giant foods, mayor gray, and others broke ground at the site between 3rd and 4th
5:37 pm
streets. city leaders hope the development will expose young adults to small business opportunities right there in their neighborhood. >> the stars were out in washington today to support an alternative to locking people up with addiction issues. martin sheen and matthew perry headlined a rally on capitol hill for drug corps. 75% of those who complete drug corps never see another pair of handcuffs. it's a way to help veterans suffering from mental health disorders stemming from their military service. >> coming up, a bride is arrested in her wedding dress and we have the mug shot. plus, did prosecutors in the casey anthony trial fail to correct evidence they later learned was not true? >> and coming up new at 6:00. >> this is bruce johnson. mayor vincent gray was here earlier. a lot of the questions had to do with alleged irregularities. i'm going to have that story coming up at 6:00. >> don't forget, we are always
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on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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some startling new revelations are comings out about the casey anthony case days after she was set free. a software designer now claims the evidence that anthony googled the word chloroform 84 times was based on inaccurate data. the software designer says the truth is, anthony only searched one time for the word. he says he immediately told prosecutors and police about the mistake, but he says the revised research was not presented to the jury and the record was never corrected. >> a grim story from florida where a teenager is accused of killing his parents and then
5:41 pm
hosting a party. 17-year-old tyler hadly appeared in court today for the first time in port st. lucie. he bludgeoned his parents over the weekend, send invitations on facebook and partied in his home while his parents bodies were locked in the bedroom. >> he was acting weird. he wasn't too happy. didn't show much emotion. he kind of stood around in the background like watched everybody. just kind of creeped me out. left me with an erie feeling. >> police were called sunday morning after they got an unanimous tip and they found the beaten bodies of blake and mary joe hadly hidden in the master bedroom. >> your wedding day is supposed to be special, something you'll remember for a lifetime and the woman in michigan will remember hers for something completely different. you see, it's the day she was arrested. the 53-year-old bride was taken into custody on a felony
5:42 pm
warrant for identity theft. police in jackson, michigan, gave her the chance to change out of her wedding gown, but she declined. a couple in dallas got more thrills than they bargained for on a ride at the zero gravity thrill park. they got stuck more than 100 feet in the air for three hours. it happened last night on a bungie jump ride. firefighters ended up using a ladder truck to rescue them. they weren't hurt and now an investigation is underway. >> that's why i don't do that. that's why. >> i'm grounded. >> feet on the ground. >> all right, are you afraid of losing your savings? we'll tell you what you can do with your money just in case the federal government defaults later. the pros and the cons. anny. >> totally do bungie jumping. haven't done it yet. we have a big heat wave coming our way. also tracking some storms right now. here's a look at doppler radar. we have your latest on this heat wave coming up after the
5:43 pm
break. but up next, two men armed with a big rifle are no match for a little chihuahua. it's on tape. we're going to show it to you.
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caught on tape, a fearless chihuahua and some not so fearless criminals. video shows two hooded robbers holding up a california tobacco shop. as the owner puts money in the backpack, the chihuahua starts barking. they flee the store with that tiny dog chasing them. neither the owner or chihuahua got hurt. >> don't mess with the little dog. some nervous investors who are concerned the united states may default on its debt next month are turning away from the volatility of the stock market and putting their money somewhere else. gold closed today and silver was up, too. gary has the potential pluses
5:47 pm
and minuses to these july 2011 alternatives to stocks. >> while the dow closed down nearly 100 points monday, gold has never been higher, more than $1600 an ounce. in part, uncertainty over the debt ceiling negotiations and the possibility of default. >> they are basically a flight to safety. they are going to safe havens, which are your gold and your silver commodities. and that's why they are performing so well. >> so if there is no debt deal and the stock markets react badly. >> gold and silver, those type of commodities will, i think, escalate and probably go up maybe another 10 to 20 percent over the short run. >> if there is a debt deal. >> i believe you could be buying high and you could experience a 10%, you know, loss in those type of investments.
5:48 pm
>> there is another alternative as long ago as a civil war, people prospected for gold in creeks neither patomac river. it runs all the way to north carolina. and modern day prospectors do find gold near the patomac, but investing in gold right now? >> i would probably go with buying more silver commodities than gold commodities. i feel silver has a much better way of growing. >> jack recommends if you are worried about what the markets will do because of uncertainty over the debt ceiling, put yourself in a cash position, putting your money in money markets. that way you don't risk losing 10 to 20 percent of your investment. one man's opinion. gary, 9news now. >> an overnight storm brought heavy flooding to parts of ohio. let's take a lock at aerial pictures of the scene. dozens of roads were closed during the morning rush hour
5:49 pm
and the power knocked out all over town. for the second time this month, a giant wall of dust rolled through phoenix. that dust storm late yesterday made it almost impossible to see anywhere around downtown and another giant dust storm earlier this month halted airline flights and knocked out power to hundreds of people. >> we have the heat. we are just sort of sitting in the middle of really hot stuff. >> it's going to get worse in the next couple of days. we are tracking storms. they are not severe, but potential that some could turn severe. we have cloudy skies out there, but look up to the north, we have a cell there heading south and out toward the bay, south of annapolis. now, temperatures, it's hot and boy is it muggy. 96 in downtown. 82 in gaithersburg. you are cooling down quite quickly. 91 in leesburg and hagersdown, you cooled down to 71 degrees. the heat index, still feels like triple digits in a lot of locations.
5:50 pm
103 in downtown. 101 in manassas. 110 in fredericksburg. you are cooking out there this evening. all right, we do have an excessive heat watch in effect. these areas shaded in maroon. this is for thursday. thursday afternoon through thursday night. heat index expected 105 to 110. thursday is the start of the really intense heat. for tonight, what can you expect? mostly cloudy and muggy. scattered storms are possible. some could be heavy or veer. now, tomorrow morning as you're heading to work, partly cloudy and muggy. air quality forecast is code orange, which means unhealthy for our sensitive groups. temperatures in the 70s and 80s and winds will be light. in the afternoon, still partly to mostly cloudy, hot and muggy. isolated storms possible. highs 90 to 95 degrees. here's your zone forecast. we start in the mountains. 85 in oakland. cumberland lower 90s. leesburg lower 90s. around downtown, it will be close to mid 90s, just like today. annapolis towards the bay and
5:51 pm
lower 90s. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. thursday, friday, boy is the heat on. 100 degrees on thursday. friday is even worse. 103. saturday also is bad. sunday close to 100 degrees. maybe a little bit of relief by tuesday, where we are looking at upper 80s. take it easy out there thursday, friday, saturday, go to the pool, drink lots of water and check on the elderly during this heat wave. >> that's good advice. take it easy out there. thanks anny. you hear the term veteran rower, you think of an accomplished man on a boat. >> there is an organization here in d.c. that is giving the term a different meaning for those who served our country. brett haber is here with more on this story. brett. >> reporter: we long known the healing powers of the watt wear. for decades, therapists used swimming pools to accelerate rehab because of the decreased gravity the patients experience when they are in the water. in southeast d.c., kristen found patients not so much in
5:52 pm
the water, but on it. >> as 90-year-old julius plans to head out on the anacostia river, he takes comfort that the coach is by his side. >> nice and controlled. >> that's because for julius, this is what it's like. this army veteran recently lost his sight to glaucoma. >> i can do whatever the seeing world can do, it takes me longer. >> they get help from the rowing program. >> waves around you right now, which is what you are feeling. >> it was started by the capital rowing club. this program introduces disabled military veterans and civilians to the sport of rowing. >> a lot of problems that people have, you can let them go away for a couple hours and just row. 55-year-old andre wells is paralyzed from the waist down after a botched surgery left
5:53 pm
him with extensive nerve damage. he tried crew a year ago and hasn't stopped growing since. >> it is freedom and i love doing it. i connect with the water when i row. >> the boats they use are regulation size w. you get rowers like andre, they have special seats like this that don't move. they have a strap over their waist and use all upper body strength to move it down the river. >> you exercise muscles that you didn't know you had. >> everyone is able to do it and that's one of the coolest things about this sport. you can really adapt it to have anyone and anyone can get advantage from it. >> on the anacostia river, kristen burset, 9sports now. >> in its past 12 months, participation has tripled. anita. >> that is great. coming up next, calorie counting when we dine out. a new study reveals what type
5:54 pm
of restaurant under estimates the calories on your dinner plate. and coming up new at 6:00. >> i'm kristin fisher where a traffic accident shut down the road for more than 10 hours in the middle of the morning rush. what took so long to get it back open? i'll have some answers coming up.
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5:57 pm
a 200 point game today on wall street. the dow finished the day up 202 points to close at 12,587. the nasdaq climbed 61 points and the s & p 500 jumped 21. despite pressure on eatlies to offer healthier stuff, many places still haven't cleaned up their act. a food watchdog group is out today with its yearly extreme eating rewards. making the list, cheesecake vascularly's ultimate red velvet cake cheesecake, 15,040- calories, 15-grams of saturated fat. the applebees stuffed meat balls, eating that for dinner, 1520. remember the typical day intake for an average person, you're only supposed to eat 2,000 calories all day long. but there are all those calorie counts and fat grams on
5:58 pm
the menu, are they right? while overall the calories listed are correct, some individual foods have large variations in the calories they contain. >> almost half of americans eat out at least three times a week, so knowing the calorie counts of the foods on the menu is important to our waistlines. >> enjoy my meal without necessarily worrying about what the amount of calories are. >> i definitely consider calories when i'm ordering my food. >> i tend not to get it. >> consumers make healthier choices when the posted calories are on the menu. >> after susan roberts evaluated the calorie content of several fast food and sit down restaurant meals across the country. her team weighed the food, ran it through a food processor, freed dried it, crushed it into a fine powder and analyzed that powder to get an accurate calorie reading. >> typically the foods that were stated as local rei on the menu contain more calories they they should, which is bad for
5:59 pm
dieters. the high calorie menus contained fewer calories than they should. we had one food that came in that contained 1,000 calories more than the amount listed on the menu, we were shocked about. >> the research team says soups and salads have large variations. with the calories posted for most fast food salads on target. they had much higher calorie counts. >> fast food restaurants are doing well in terms of quality control. it's the sit down restaurants that need to examine their quality control and step up to the plate better. >> by the way, researchers tested pizza, not exactly a dieter's first choice, but the calories posted next to the slice tended to be on target. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. this